World Without Memory

An album by mSelv, Richard Walker, Prafu and dNeau


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1 The Song Unsung (Richard Walker) Richard Walker: vocals and pulse. mSelv: synths and drums 2 Restless Mind (mSelv, Richard Walker, dNeau) mSelv: guitar, bass, drums and sampler. Richard Walker: vocals and undulations. dNeau: solo guitar 3 Infinite Dreamboat (mSelv, Richard Walker) mSelv: drums, marimbas and synths. Richard Walker: vocals and arabesque 4 Mashed Clouds (mSelv, Richard Walker) mSelv: bass and organics. Richard Walker: vocals, piano and electronic fauna 5 Horse and Cat (mSelv, Richard Walker, Prafu) mSelv: impulses and drums. Richard Walker: vocals and ambience. Prafu: vocal and solo guitar 6 Dark Side of The Sun (Richard Walker) Richard Walker: vocals, synth, drums and muse. mSlev: mirror piano 7 Tentacles (mSelv, Richard Walker, Prafu) mSelv: IT, FR and CZ movies. Richard Walker: vocals and menace. Prafu: vocal 8 Within a Kiss (mSelv, Richard Walker, dNeau) mSelv: synths, sampler and drums. Richard Walker: vocals, sampler and guitar. dNeau: solo guitar 9 Charemot Rose (Prafu, mSelv) mSelv: sampler and aquatics. Prafu - piano and bass 10 Idiot Dance (Richard Walker, mSelv) Richard Walker: vocals, sampler, synths, drums and idiot glee. mSelv: sampler, piano, guitar, bass, synth and percussion 11 AM PM MM (mSelv, Prafu) mSelv: guitar, sampler and accidents. Prafu: vocal, vibe and bass 12 Umbilica (mSelv, Richard Walker) mSelv: sampler, synth and pipes. Richard Walker: vocals, synth and rebirth 13 A Single word (Richard Walker, Prafu) Richard Walker: vocal and synth. Prafu: synth. mSelv: modulation 14 Elemental (Richard Walker, mSelv) Richard Walker: vocals, guitar and vibe. mSelv: sea lions and resampling 15 Hash (mSelv, Prafu) mSelv: sampler and percussions. Prafu: sampler 16 Train 44 (mSelv, Richard Walker, Prafu) mSelv : restless orchestra. Richard Walker: vocals, piano and operatics. Prafu: guitar, bass and sampler 17 Quicksilver (mSelv, Richard Walker, dNeau) mSelv: sampler, synth and percussions. Richard Walker: vocals and electronic choir. dNeau: solo guitar and chilhood memories 18 No Goodbyes (mSelv, Richard Walker, Prafu) mSelv: sampler and percussions. Richard Walker: vocals and melancholy. Prafu: guitar 19 Mies van der Rohe (Richard Walker) Richard Walker: vocal and architecture.

Sound and mix by mSelv. Cover art by Richard Walker. (c)&(p) Random Being 2014